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Company Profile

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Fujian Nan'an Quanfa Paper Product Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 and is located in Lujiang Industrial Zone, Liucheng, Nan'an City, Fujian Province. It is a comprehensive company that integrates independent research and development, manufacturing, domestic and foreign sales, and OEM processing services. The company implements a multi-brand development strategy, with its own brands including “Yile,” “Multiple,” and “Care”. Its main products are adult, baby diapers (sheets, pads), pull pants, sanitary napkins, etc. Sexual hygiene products.
Since the establishment of the company, it has been guided by technological innovation and excellent quality. Quanfa Paper Products specializes in every detail of the work. All products are controlled through scientific, rigorous production processes and professional laboratory testing, and strive for excellence. To produce safety, comfort, hygiene, environmental protection products, give back to our customers;
Quanfa Paper Products has a number of domestic first-class automated diaper production lines, in line with national standards of the production workshop, lean production management concepts for the operation and development of the company's tone and implementation of norms, the establishment of a professional product research and development center and testing center, continuous development High-quality products have won the recognition of customers at home and abroad, and in 2017 "the best-selling brand for infant diapers in the first best-selling brand of pregnant and infant industry";
Looking forward to the future, Quanfa Paper Products will continue to uphold and learn “artisan spirit”, strive for excellence, continuously improve product quality and service quality; take the initiative to take social responsibility with gratitude and build a harmonious society together.
Business philosophy: adhering to technological innovation, quality and development
Management philosophy: focus on details, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence, build professional teams, meet customer needs.
Product concept: safety, comfort, hygiene, environmental protection